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Interactive Workshops & Trainings

Grow Your Nonprofit Workshop Series

It's Quarter 4! Which means...Tis the season to get our business affairs in order and start planning for the upcoming new year! 

The Grow Your Nonprofit Bundle, features three two-part, interactive and implementation-based workshops designed to help grow your nonprofit organization. Workshops focus on development of a sustainable budget, a strategic fundraising plan, and a winning monthly giving program.

Register for all three workshops and receive a $50 discount.

Investment: $445.00

How to Develop a Budget that Pay$ You

Did you know that many founders of start-up and grassroots nonprofit organizations, are not utilizing an organizational budget to guide their org's revenue and expenditures? Did you also know that many founders utilize self-funding practices to help advance their mission, and/or are not compensated for their services. Sustainability speaking: having an organizational budget is a MUST. While not taking a salary or stipend may be an admirable thing to is not the BEST thing to do --when building a sustainable organization! 

In this implementation-based workshop, participants will learn how to develop a sustainable budget step-by-step. At the end of this two part workshop series, participants will have their 2023 organizational budget completed. 

Workshop includes a budget guide/workbook for small NPOs. This workshop is best for Founders & Executive Directors of start-up or all volunteer led (no-paid staff) NPOs.

Investment: $149.00

How to Develop a Strategic Fundraising Plan

A strategic fundraising plan is your roadmap to success. It tells you where to focus your efforts. It outlines the deliberate activities and actions that you and your team will be doing so that you can fully fund your nonprofit organization.

In this two-part interactive workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Set S.M.A.R.T. impact goals to serve as your nonprofit's guide throughout the year. 
  • Set goals around attracting and retaining donors.
  • Choose the right strategies to raise needed funds for your nonprofit.
  • Build your fundraising plan step-by-step using the Ultimate Fundraising & Content Planner for Non-Profit Organizations. 

Investment: $197.00

$how me the Money: How to Develop a Winning Monthly Giving Program

Monthly giving programs have become a reliable source of income for nonprofit organizations! In this two-part, interactive workshop, you will develop a monthly giving program for your organization and learn how to attract and retain donors. 

Your registration includes a donor retention toolkit/workbook that walks you step-by-step in developing your winning monthly giving program.

Investment: $149.00

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