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Available Now in Digital and Paperback Format!

Writing down your goals and developing a plan is the most powerful practice connected to success. Not only does it make your vision plain, it symbolizes the commitment that you have made to yourself, your supporters, and the growth of your organization. The Ultimate Fundraising and Content Planner for Nonprofit Organizations was created by Dr. Tiffany M. Gethers to help aspiring and existing nonprofit founders and leaders, develop a clear roadmap to grow their organizations by focusing on strategic and mission-related activities. 

This dateless planner includes a fundraising calendar where you can plan your fundraising activities for the entire year and keep them front and center while you focus on a specific quarter. Also included are monthly content calendars, weekly action plans, financial assessments and note pages. The Ultimate Fundraising and Content Planner help you to create a deliberate step-by-step process to achieve your fundraising goals so that you have the needed means to support your organization mission.

Length: 114 Pages

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