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Signature Leadership Workshops and Trainings

Servant Leadership: Cultivating a caring and productive environment

Today’s organizations places an emphasis on a sense of community, empowerment, shared authority, and relational power. Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations are shifting away from traditional autocratic models of leadership and are embracing servant leadership as a way of connecting with internal and external audiences. In this two-part interactive workshop, Dr. Tiffany provides an introduction/overview of the servant leadership model, explore 10 critical servant leadership behaviors, share the organizational benefits of servant leadership, and examine the servant leadership behaviors in your organization (using actual workplace challenges). In the second session, Dr. Tiffany focuses on team building exercises essential for integrating servant leadership behaviors in your organization and promoting a supportive and more productive work environment that will lead to improved business outcomes.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are all around us and the workplace is no exception. Leaders must know how to use emotions to foster productivity and positive working relationships. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn what emotional intelligence is, the important role it plays in the workplace and learn specific techniques for improving their emotional intelligence (EQ). This workshop will feature role playing and written exercises to help participants identify, assess and manage their emotions and triggers, determine how to understand and appropriately respond to others. Participants will leave this workshop with a better sense of self-awareness and self-management which will enable them lead more effectively, create safe and inclusive spaces, as well as experience and promote positive professional environments.

Leading Up!

Leadership goes beyond a title and a position. All leaders have followers but not all followers are "subordinates." In this workshop, Dr. Tiffany works with participants to build their leadership capacity. Participants will learn how to support their leader through partnership, how to create beneficial opportunities for  growth, and how to gain more influence with their leaders. 

Note: All signature workshops can be modified for specific organizational needs. Workshops can also be created to address specific leadership topics. 

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