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GetHers Nonprofit Leadhership Lab

For less than $2.00 a day...

Join a network of ambitious women looking to grow their nonprofit organizations

Membership Features

Monthly Workshops and Mastermind Sessions

(Note: Specific titles of workshops may change and may not happen in the order listed below).

Participate in monthly implementation based workshops and mastermind sessions focused on topics designed to fuel your nonprofit’s growth. We will focus on one topic for two months. For example, in January, the workshop will focus on budget development. After the workshop, you will develop your organization’s budget based on the information you learned. In the February meeting, each person will get in the “hot seat” to share their assignment, challenges, wins and to get feedback from Dr. Tiffany and peers.

January - February

How to Develop a Budget that Pays You

March– April

How to Develop a Strategic Fundraising Plan

May - June

How to Develop a Winning Monthly Giving Program

June -July

Establishing Business Credit for Your Nonprofit

August - September

Grant Writing Basics

October - November

Building a Supportive Donor Base


Developing a Heartfelt Year End Appeal

Expert Trainings*

Once per quarter, an expert will provide training on a specific topic including mindset, community building, donor management, donor retention and more.

Monthly Virtual Co-Working Sessions

Participate in co-working sessions once per month to tackle your goals. Procrastination is a real thing. We engage in it from procrastinate from time to time. Working collectively and keeping each other company will help you to get things done. In the co-working sessions, I will play music via zoom and we will all work on our individual to-do list. You can use this session to work on your workshop assignment or whatever you have on your list. There will not be a workshop during this time. Just strictly 90 minutes of working.

Additional Benefits

Monthly Q & A sessions, nonprofit spotlights, pop-up weekend workshops, discounts on specialty classes and events, support and accountability!


How much is it to join The GetHers Nonprofit Leadhership Lab? 

The membership investment is $50 per month. The membership will be automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card (whichever method you sign up) every 30 days. For example, if you start your membership on January 1st, your next deduction will be on February 1st, and every 30 days thereafter. 

When will The GetHers  Nonprofit Leadhership Lab meet for monthly workshops/mastermind sessions? 

We will meet the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm CST for one hour via zoom (Note: Day of week is subject to change).  

Where will The GetHers Nonprofit Leadhership Lab meet? 

We will meet virtually via zoom. Members can meet from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere in the world. 

Should I already have my nonprofit organization started in order to join?

Yes. You must have already started your nonprofit organization. This group is best founders/leaders of nonprofits 1-5 years old and/or have not achieved desired sustainable growth. 

What is the Refund Policy? 

This is a monthly membership program that does not involve a contract. You can cancel your membership at any time. If you decide to cancel your membership, you must do so prior to the upcoming month’s workshop. There will not be a refund of that month’s subscription if you do not cancel before the workshop date.

Hi, I'm Dr. Tiffany!

I am nonprofit start-up and growth strategist. I help aspiring and new entrepreneurs start and grow profitable nonprofit businesses through coaching programs, digital courses, mentoring and leadership development consulting services. I specialize in teaching effective strategies on how small nonprofits can make a huge impact with limited resources. I have helped hundreds of women start and grow nonprofit businesses. 

Dr. Tiffany M. Gethers


© by Dr. Tiffany M. Gethers

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